Having never read this book as a child, I decided to give it a try.  It was just okay. The children were definitely the focus of the story, and the parents were minor characters. I am not even sure if it was clear when the story took place.  I liked Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which.  It was kind-of left up in the air as to what they were, but they seemed to be guardian angels of some sort.  I liked Meg (although she cried an awful lot for a 12 year old), and I liked Calvin.  I wasn’t crazy about the Charles Wallace character.  What was with the two names?  And, why was a 5 year old so articulate?  I found him a little strange.  His character was hard to like, and I didn’t care whether or not they got him away from IT.  I wish the parents had been a little stronger, but I believe the story was supposed to be about the kids and their adventures.  The parents are scientists, but they seemed a little clueless to me.  I probably will read the next story in the series just to see where she goes with the Murry family.  From reviews I’ve seen, I gather it’s better than the first book.  I can only hope that’s true. Maybe I was expecting too much from a children’s book, but it won all kinds of awards, and people claim it’s their favorite book ever.  I’m not sure why.