I saw the movie first and thought it was well done.  The acting was superb. It was tragic, funny and heartwarming.  I bought the book and struggled some to get through it. It seemed to drag in places, and I had to force myself to stick with it. I did enjoy reading it, though. The story takes place in the 60’s and is about black women (the Help) taking care of white families and their children.  The way they were treated (like less than human) was sad.  They were okay to raise the babies, but they couldn’t use the bathroom inside the house because they were thought to be “diseased”. It was terrible the way they were treated. The movie flowed better than the book, and maybe it’s because the story did have several disturbing/tragic parts that it was easier to get through those parts on film than in print. I would recommend this book, but I also recommend the movie.