I made it to page 33, and I think I am done. I cannot stand this book. It isn’t for me. I think she set out to write as different a book from the Harry Potter books as she could. Congratulations, J.K., you’ve succeeded. It is one disgusting situation or comment after another. I’ve read about big breasts resting on forearms, erections, masturbation, coupling, beds banging against the wall, a 5 year old girl pulling her pants down at school and pretending to “do it”, boys squeezing a girl’s breasts in the back of the classroom and speculation about how a very fat man manages to use his penis – all in 33 pages. It’s not Harry Potter. I don’t even think it’s that well-written. I understand she was trying to write about “dark and gritty” life in a small town. Not everything about small town life is this gross, though. I understand there’s rape and pedophilia to come. No, thanks. If there was one redeeming character in this story, I’d persevere. I haven’t found one yet so I think I’ll quit.