It was just okay – LONG. It dragged in spots. I liked the history of it. I wish he had focused on fewer characters and gotten more in-depth with some of them.

He spent too much time jumping from story to story. He’d spend a short amount of time with a few characters, and just when you were interested in where the story line was going, he’d jump to another set of characters and start in on their story. Back and forth and back and forth he went. It could have been written in a different way so that it still covered all the main characters, and it would have been a lot more interesting. There are some characters he could have written less about, and that would have been okay, too.

I struggled to finish this – it dragged on, and I’d lost interest several times. I kept checking to see how many pages I had left to read and hoping somehow that it would hurry up and end.

I have the second book – Winter of the World – waiting to read, but I haven’t started it yet. I am hoping it is written better and doesn’t drag like the first one. I enjoyed the historical aspect of the book, and I learned some things that I did not know. I just wish it hadn’t been such a struggle to get through.