Wow. While this is not my usual type of book, I very much enjoyed reading it. It was definitely a book that I found difficult to put down. I bought it because a co-worker was reading Lee Child’s “The Affair” and was plowing through it and enjoying it. I did some research on the series and decided to give it a try so I bought the first book.

Yes, it is a little gruesome at times, but the gory parts are not drawn out and can easily be skimmed if you are squeamish. I liked that Reacher didn’t take crap from anyone. He went after the bad guys and took them out. I hate those books where the hero has to suffer some at the villain’s hands before he finally wins in the end. Reacher only suffers mentally in this book; other than that, he kicks ass.

At one point, he’s asked how he feels about killing the criminals, and he says, “How do you feel when you put roach powder down?” Prior to that when he’s sneaking up to take out one of the sadistic bad guys, he thinks to himself, “The books I used to read, the movies people see, I should have fought him nobly.” “We should have duked it out, face to face. He should have been made aware of who his opponent was. He should have been made aware of why he had to die. All that noble, man-to-man stuff. But real life wasn’t like that.”

Reacher is my hero. I will definitely continue with the series.